Apatite with Tourmaline var. Schorl and Albite, Miniature-Sized Specimen


Apatite with Tourmaline var. Schorl and Albite

Miniature-Sized Specimen

Shingus, Gilgit District

Northern Areas, Pakistan

Approximate Weight: 97 grams

Approximate Dimensions: 1.27 in x .22 in x.33 in

This stunning specimen of Apatite combines with Schorl variation Tourmaline and Albite to produce a multi-colored specimen in delicate and contrasting colors. White Albite covers the top with tiny fan-shaped crystals. One small corner of the Albite is clear and forms a rectangular shape. A well-formed crystal of Albite protrudes from the bottom of the specimen, giving the piece a delicate look with a pinkish tinge. Black Shorl makes up the base of the specimen and provides contrast with the rest of the piece. A beautiful combination of minerals from Pakistan.