Eosphorite with Zanazziite On Rose Quartz, Brazil, Cabinet-Sized Specimen


Approx. Dimensions: 4.07 in x 3.17in x 1.1 in

Approx. Weight: 278 grams

Acicular crystals of Eosphorite top this Rose Quartz with spherical crystals of Zanazziite peppered between the thin crystals. The greenish-yellow hue of the Eosphorite coordinates well with the olive green of the Zanazziite and creates a cool look in comparison to the warmer hues of the rose-colored Quartz. While the Eosphorite has a diamond-like luster which creates a mesmerizing shimmer, the Zanazziite’s dull, earthy luster stands out between the tiny blades. A spectacular and rare piece.

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