Ludlamite with Pyrite, Bolivia, Cabinet-Sized Specimen


Ludlamite with Pyrite

Huanuni Mine

Huanuni, Dalence Province

Oruro Department, Bolivia

Approx. Dimensions: 3.44 in x 2.35 in x 2.07 in 

Approx. Weight: 576 grams

Tabular crystals of Ludlamite shine with a green hue above a multi-textured Pyrite base.  A classic brass-yellow Pyrite with a highly metallic luster can be seen with duller, more adamantine Pyrite covering the half of the specimen containing Ludlamite. Darker in color, this Pyrite has a brown shade and rough texture which contrasts with the glassy luster of the Ludlamite.


Type: Ludlamite with Pyrite